Lasting Impact

You’ve got the fundamentals down - Time to make it last.


Take the final steps to build upon what you’ve learned already and solidify your incremental behavioral adjustments into a permanent healthy lifestyle.

Road map

Week 01
Learn to select proper nutrition for bone health, exercises to strengthen bone density, the importance of meditation and how to tackle the fear of the unknown.
Week 02
Rediscover your love of vegetables with new recipes, make your exercises more exciting, what role gratitude plays in ADT treatment and how to manage sexual dysfunction with your partner.
Week 03
See how you can eat less meat, implement resistance band exercises into your routine, combat negative thoughts with daily affirmations and why taking care of plants can help your personal growth.
Week 04
Explore boosting your nutrition with supplements, the benefits of doing yoga, why music can be therapeutic during treatment, and tips for finding personal peace on ADT.
Achievements to unlock in this level:
  • Mindful Master

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  • Health Nut

    You completed week 2!
  • Plant Parent

    You completed week 3!
  • Zen Guru

    You completed week 4!
  • Lasting Impact

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  • Program

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