The only habit-building program to support Androgen Deprivation Therapy patients

The only habit-building program to support patients on Androgen Deprivation Therapy


Positive habits

Change is hard—and the physical and emotional side effects of ADT can make it feel even harder. Incremental breaks big lifestyle changes down into small, simple actions that add up over time to help you overcome ADT challenges.

  • Easy-to-follow diet, fitness, and emotional health tips to support you while on ADT
  • Comprehensive information in a simple, digestible format
  • Personal progress tracking so you can set—and achieve—goals
  • Specifically designed for patients on ADT

The Incremental process

Your roadmap to living better with ADT


You have the power to persevere through your ADT treatment. Learn the fundamentals of diet and nutrition, strength and fitness, and mental health for patients with advanced prostate cancer.


Behavioral change demands persistence. Now that you have the basics under control, take your studies deeper, and your potential to overcome ADT barriers even further.


By the end of this program, you’ll be fully equipped to continue transforming your life on your own terms—and be better, stronger, and wiser for it.

Program benefits

Designed to support your best life

The Incremental habit-building program offers simple, actionable steps to support you while on ADT and improve your life.

Integrated ADT support

Packed with resources promoting wellness for prostate cancer patients on ADT.

Bite-sized lessons

Incremental’s content is easy to absorb and implement into your daily life.

New information weekly

Change your habits step-by-step, steadily building on last week’s learnings.

Downloadable resources

Save or print lesson content and other helpful tools. They’re yours for keeps.

Self-guided learning

Complete lessons however and wherever you want to. You’re the master of your own destiny.

Goals tracking

Set your own targets. By the end of this program, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.
How to join

How to start making Incremental changes

We make it easy to create your profile, set attainable goals, and begin building healthy habits.

Step 01
Create your profile
Are you ready to start building healthier habits while on ADT?
Step 02
Assess Your Health
Look at where you’re at today and determine what you want to change.
Step 03
Start making changes
You’re now ready to begin the Incremental program—so let’s get going!
Take the first step
If you’re ready to support your ADT treatment with healthier habits…