First Step

Welcome. Your new, healthier habits start here.


To properly develop new habits you need to start with the basics. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of proper diet and nutrition, developing physical fitness routines and nurturing your mental health to help combat the effects of androgen deprivation therapy.

Road map

Week 01
Understand the building blocks of nutrition, the importance of physical activity, how your body reacts to treatment and key health markers to keep track of.
Week 02
Explore the role of healthy fats, the science behind exercise, how to manage emotions and combating the impact treatment has on your bone health.
Week 03
Learn how to manage your protein intake, building an exercise plan, how anxiety or depression present themselves and managing sexual health during treatment.
Week 04
Know the difference in carbohydrates, the benefits of being able to balance yourself, how to cope with depression or anxiety and navigating difficult conversations with friends and family.
Achievements to unlock in this level:
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  • Exercise Expert

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  • Protein Pro

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  • Communication Expert

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  • First Step

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