Going Further

Take the next step to a healthier you.


You’ve established your foundation, now it’s time to go beyond the basics. Dive deeper into more complex strategies to develop, and maintain, positive lifestyle changes.

Road map

Week 01
Learn how to calculate your daily nutritional goals, finding your optimal heart rate during exercise, why crying can happen during treatment and tips for a positive sex life on ADT.
Week 02
Discover visual methods for eating healthy, surprising caloring-burning foods to eat, dealing with mental and physical fatigue and filling your time with a new hobby.
Week 03
See how to properly read food labels, why using proper exercise form is important, tips for getting quality sleep and the benefits of staying socially active.
Week 04
Understand the importance of staying hydrated, how walking regularly can have a huge impact, the role ADT plays on your mental cognition and navigating social events with alcohol during treatment.
Achievements to unlock in this level:
  • Sexual Wellness Savant

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  • Calorie Killer

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  • Sleep Scholar

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  • Hydration Enthusiast

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  • Going Further

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